What is Gypsy Jazz?

Gypsy jazz (also known as gypsy swing or hot club jazz) is a style of jazz music started by guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt in the 1930s. Because its origins are largely in France it is often called by the French name, "Jazz manouche," or alternatively, "manouche jazz".

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Composityions 1907-1930 by Charles Peguri


Composityions 1907-1930 by Charles Peguri
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1. Reproche 2. Pietro 3. Premiere Sortie 4. L’Oasis 5. Riposo 6. Les Triolets 7. Martine 8. La Parigina 9. Laurita 10. Zichetta 11. Allegresse 12. Mandolinette 13. Un Soir D’Amour 14. Impression 15. Flandre 16. Charlotte 17. Reproche


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