What is Gypsy Jazz?

Gypsy jazz (also known as gypsy swing or hot club jazz) is a style of jazz music started by guitarist Jean "Django" Reinhardt in the 1930s. Because its origins are largely in France it is often called by the French name, "Jazz manouche," or alternatively, "manouche jazz".

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Swing Guitar, The Genius of Django Reinhardt by Django Reinhardt


Swing Guitar, The Genius of Django Reinhardt by Django Reinhardt
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 This documnetary covers his life from his   early years to his sudden death in 1953.    While discussing the most important aspects of his personality and   presenting with great insight his great success with the Quintet of the Hot   Club de France (featuring Stephane Grappelly), his experiences during the   Second World War and his trip to America to join Duke Ellington in 1946. It   also contains all of the klnown footage of Django, and lots of rare   photographs and documents, including some of his scarce handwritten letters   and many of the paintings he made during his final years. The soundtrack   comprises some of Django’s most remarkable performances and compositions   which are also included in complete form as audio bonus tracks.  Bonus video tracks: The complete short   “Le Jazz Hot” (1938), the only existing film of the Quintet of the   Hot Club de France. “Gregor et ses Gregorians,” a rare 1930s short   film featuring Stephane Grappelly. English, French with Spanish subtitles.


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